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The Continued Rise of LARPing


live-action-role-playLive action role playing, or LARPing, has seen steady growth in its popularity over the years. With so many young people and adults alike embracing the game, more and more ambitious events are springing up not just in the U.S., but throughout the world. Consider a recent article from Metro News titled “Game of Thrones LARP battle coming to Toronto.”

Luke Simcoe of Metro News writes, “So far, over 900 people have signed up for the battle. ‘I think the organizers thought it was going to be 20 people and now hundreds are showing up. They reached out to us asked if we can help them out,’ said William David Ashby, owner of Underworld Live Action Role Playing in Toronto. Although LARPing has been around for decades, Ashby said the practice is becoming more mainstream, propelled in part by the popularity of shows like Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead. ‘Everything geek is becoming trendy,’ he said. ‘Geek is chic.’ Underworld runs a regular, weekend-long LARP set in a “dark fantasy” world. The event attracts over 150 people, Ashby said, ranging from first-timers to dedicated LARPers with custom-made costumes and armour.”

Due to the nature of the game, engaging youth is a particular benefit. The Daily Reporter discusses this in a recent article titled “Fantasy game helps grow Greenfield youth camp.” Caitlin VanOverberghe of the Daily Reporter writes, “With about a dozen games in place and more popping up around the country each year, Dystopia Rising has created a strong network of players. They form friendships with the players they’ve met and even follow the storyline of fictional characters they’ve never encountered in person but have heard about online. For those who participate in the Indiana game, the monthly trips to Greenfield are like small reunions. With each trip here, the group strives to leave the campsite better than when it arrived, said Jerry Bell, the camp’s director said. When the Dystopia Rising group members come to Nameless Creek, they rent the entire grounds for four days, Bell said. He estimated that Dystopia Rising amounts for 50 percent of the camp’s annual rental revenues, and the group also makes regular donations to the nonprofit. Players recently pulled together enough money to buy and install a new air conditioner in the camp’s kitchen facility and to purchase new trash cans to be placed around the property.”

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