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Promotional Exemptions Policy

This policy outlines the discretion of Armory Replicas to apply an exemption to an order placed during any PROMOTIONAL PERIOD, also known as a discounted item, sale item, free gift, discount code, or an item which has a price reduction from the standard Armory Replicas price. Armory Replicas reserves the right to make a change to an order based upon the circumstances of that order. 

Once a Promotional Period has ended, that promotion cannot be applied again to any other order, items, transactions, or sales. Armory Replicas reserves the right to cancel or refuse any Promotion Period at any time without notice. If an order contains a sale item and payment has not been received before the Promotional Period ends, the item may be subject to regular Armory Replicas price. 

Periodically, Armory Replicas offers a FREE GIFT with any orders placed during a promotional period. Free Gift promotions are only valid to Retail and Prime Club customers. We appreciate our customers loyalty as priority. This free gift may or may not require you, the customer, to place the Free Gift item in Your Shopping Cart before completing the order or checkout. Some Free Gift items may have color variations that you can select from. If the customer does not place the Free Gift item in their shopping cart before checkout, Armory Replicas cannot ship the Free Gift with the order. All Free Gifts are limit 1 quantity per order, first-come first-serve, while supplies last. Armory Replicas is not obligated to provide a Free Gift if there is none to give, and Armory Replicas is not obligated to re-ship a Free Gift if the customer does not receive one. 

Returns, Refunds, Exchanges, Claims:

If an item(s) was purchased during a Promotional Period, that item may or may not be available at the time. Circumstances may include Out-Of-Stock and Back-ordered items. Armory Replicas reserves the right to refund any item with or without notifying the customer(s). 

Items that are purchased during a Promotional Period may not be returned for a credit or exchange for another item. The Promotion Period is strictly available during a limited time and only applies during that time frame and to the items specified. If an item is purchased at a discounted price, Armory Replicas reserves the right to refund or exchange at their own discretion. The sale purchase price of the item is necessarily the amount that may or may not be refunded.